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Video | Learn about Furniture and how these products and services may be a fit in the strategic sourcing blueprint

View this video of Lela Vandecar, Contracting Officer for GSA’s Integrated Workplace Acquisition Center, discussing an overview of the Furniture program, phases, and categories.  Insight will be shared on how this solution will coincide with the federal government’s strategic sourcing principles as a possible acquisition vehicle.

Video is not currently available.  Contact fas.interact@gsa.gov for questions.

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<p>As a leader in furniture asset management, we understand the difficulties faced by businesses to implement green solutions while also being mindful of costs. The Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) Furniture program offers a practical roadmap for delivering services to vendors that are looking to increase service quality, reduce redundant contracts and ensure ease of implementation. One way we would add to reduce cost is to refinish furniture, rather than simply replace assets. Those of us at The Refinishing Touch appreciates this overview and are looking forward to further updates from the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative.</p>
The purpose of this Furniture group page is to collaborate with you on how we can build an effective solutions for purchasing Furniture products and... More

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