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Verified Products Portal Prototype For Standardized Product Information

Previously, we shared a post about the Verified Product Portal (VPP), a manufacturer and wholesaler facing portal designed to host authoritative product content including standardized manufacturer names, part numbers, and specifications. The VPP team subsequently conducted one-on-one sessions with members of industry on the benefits, usability, and interface of the VPP, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The team is now working on the first prototype of the VPP set to deploy in November, at which point manufacturers will have the ability to upload product information. 

Ultimately, the VPP will improve GSA customer experience by eliminating variability and providing more consistent product representations, as well as richer product content such as videos and product manuals. Customers will have greater confidence in purchasing items from GSA. The VPP will also reduce burden on resellers to provide letters of supply and product specifications. For more information, reach out to VPP@gsa.gov .

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