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Value Proposition of Interact.gsa.gov

So, what exactly can a site registrant do at this point in time?  The answer to this question is that there is limited interaction currently available on the site. 

GSA's Federal Acquisition Service is in the process of developing communities related to business topics of interest to our stakeholders.  We are hoping to balance the concerns around the implementation of collaboration technology within the federal sphere with our desire to create a productive business application that will assist us in hearing from our stakeholders on business related matters.

The site is currently structured so that registrants may respond to existing posted topics within a community to which they belong.  Membership to certain communities are open and do not require the approval of the agency's moderator (a GSA employee).  For instance, the "Getting Started with interact.gsa.gov" is an open group that allows any registered user of the site to join the group.  Once you have joined the group you are free to add your comments and share your thoughts on any given posted item within the group. 

We are learning how best to facilitate the technical functionality that will best promote active participation on business topics while safeguarding the community against improper behavior by distractors and/or participants who may try to improperly use the site for personal gain. 

As we continue developing the site, I invite you to use the following discussion threads that I have added to this group so that we can better understand what enhancements, changes, or refinements to the site:

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The Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) is looking for ways to increase its effectiveness in serving its stakeholder communities.  This group is... More

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