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Users Asked, GSA Responded: The Keyword Search in SAM.gov Gets an Upgrade

We've just given the SAM.gov keyword search an upgrade thanks to your input and feedback. Start using the new keyword search today to improve your contract opportunities, entity information, assistance listings, and federal hierarchy searches. 

You can cast a wide net or focus on fewer, more specific search results. It’s your choice! By selecting  “Any Words,” “All Words,” or the “Exact Phrase” option, you will widen, limit, or specifically define your search. And when you enter multiple keywords or phrases, you can decide  how the search will work with your keywords. 

Additionally, we’ve changed the default “Sort by” option from “Relevance”  to “Updated Date” in the contract opportunities domain.  This means you will see the most recently updated opportunities first in your search results, by default.

More about the new keyword search

What happens to my search results when I select “Any Words”?

The “Any Words” option works like an “or” search operator.  The search will return results with one, or some, or all of the keywords. The “Any Words” option will return the most search results.

What happens to my search results when I select “All Words”?

The “All Words” option works like an “and” search operator. All of your keywords must be present in the search results.

What happens to my search results when I select “Exact Phrase”?

The “Exact Phrase” option will search for the specific terms or phrases you enter in the keyword box. Each exact phrase and keyword must be present in the search results. The “Exact Phrase” option will narrow your search results the most.

The new search tool is available in each SAM.gov domain except wage determinations.  If you have saved searches that use keywords in your SAM.gov account, you can update those searches to use the new keyword search tool.  Learn how to update your saved searches here.

Thank you for helping develop this search improvement

We rely on your input to drive improvements to our systems. This enhancement is a direct result of your feedback. We designed it with the input we gathered in a series of usability testing sessions with users like you. Users told us during testing that it is a, “significant improvement in the keyword search function,” and it is “really helpful and useful,” and, “I would definitely use it in my regular searches of SAM.”

Please continue to tell us about your experience in SAM.gov by selecting the “Feedback” button in the site’s footer and submitting comments. You can also sign up to participate in usability testing of future SAM.gov enhancements.


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