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USAccess Release 17.0 Mobile Credentialing Unit and Light Activation Installers: How to Retrieve and Distribute Them

USAccess Release 17.0 will be put into production December 14-15, 2019. As part of the release, agencies must update Mobile Credentialing Units (MCUs) and LA workstations by Monday, December 16, 2019. Perspecta posted the installers (MCU v2.2.1A; LA workstation v5.2.0) to the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) server on October 31, 2019. If you do not update the MCUs and LA workstations before the release, the units will not operate properly on Monday, December 16, 2019.

  • NOTE: An updated MCU Installer v2.2.2 to replace previous version v2.2.1A has been posted to the SFTP as of 12/10/19. The MCU v2.2.2 installer package provides software updates for some of the components. One of these is a new driver for the Canon LiDE 300 flatbed scanner. If your MCU came with this model flatbed scanner and it isn’t working, you will need the updated driver.
  • If you have already installed MCU v2.2.1A, and everything is working, NO further action is needed. If your MCU came with the Canon LiDE 300 flatbed scanner and it is not working, use the MCU v2.2.2 installer to install the new driver. If you have not yet upgraded your system, use the v2.2.2 installer as this version has replaced the previously posted v2.2.1A. This new installer provides an option to select the Canon LiDE 120 or 300 scanner. To avoid any downtime after Release 17.0 goes into production, please ensure that your MCU has been updated to the appropriate installer.  

Getting the installers to your technical team quickly is of utmost importance. The best way to get the installers to your technical support team is to download the installers from the SFTP site and place them on your shared network. Then communicate the network location to your support team. The recommended process is below:

  • Step 1: Access the SFTP server and download the installers to your agency shared network.
  • Step 2: Communicate the network location to your agency technical team. 
  • Step 3: Technical team members download the installer(s) to the local unit(s) and run.

All HSPD-12 program managers and their backups have access to the USAccess SFTP server. Please contact your agency program manager if you need access to the SFTP server. If you are a program manager and cannot remember your user name and password, send a request to the USAccess Help Desk (usaccess.helpdesk@perspecta.com). The SFTP server address is https://sftp.lvg.dcs-usps.com/.


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