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USAccess Idemia V8.1/V7 Card Profile Type Opt-In Final Form

Agencies can now opt-in to use both V7 and V8.1 PIV card types using the USAccess Card Profile Type Opt-In Form. Note: this form was updated to include a specific question for SIP agencies. Agencies should reference the maintenance windows and notification dates below and email the attached USAccess Card Profile Type Opt-In Form to the PIV transition lead: Lalit.Bajaj@gsa.gov by the notification date prior to the maintenance window.

The Opt-In Form will allow Agencies, who have not fully transitioned, with an additional option to further ensure their Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) and Logical Access Control Systems (LACS) can support V8.1 PIV cards. Agencies that have tested their infrastructure and are ready to fully transition to V8.1 PIV cards should email Lalit.Bajaj@gsa.gov to start the process. Reminder: All agencies are supposed to transition to V8.1 as soon as possible.




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