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USAccess Datacenter Transition Complete

The USAccess system completed its transition to a new datacenter April 27-30 as scheduled. There are a few lingering known issues and actions needed by Agencies:

  • Two fixed workstation VPN issues:
  1. “Domain specified not available” message with green VPN: A configuration setting for the switch used with fixed workstations would not save properly, even when updated last week. After a conference call involving several networking teams, a fix was found and is now being applied. The USAccess Tier 2/break fix team is now currently applying the fix to the roughly 50 sites impacted, and calling the sites to verify they can now log on. We appreciate your patience as we work through this issue and will update TRACKS when fully completed.
  2. Fixed sites with RED VPN Lights: This issue could be due to Agency IT not adding the new datacenter IP addresses to their Agency’s firewall whitelist. Before contacting the help desk with a red VPN, please first reach out to local Agency IT to confirm this step has been taken. If whitelisting is not the issue, please contact the help desk as the break fix team will need to work through it’s normal break fix troubleshooting. Given the other VPN issue mentioned above, it is taking an extra day or so for the teams to reach out to the sites. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • LCS kits having connection issues: 
    This could mean that your LCS kits did not have the old datacenter IP addresses removed from your system. If the LCS cannot connect to the service, please contact your local Agency IT and follow the steps in the LCS Set Up Guide.
  • Issue submitting fingerprints to OPM: 
    There was an issue where the emails containing the fingerprints packages were not getting to OPM. The issue is now resolved. Emails that were queued up/in progress during the transmission issue are now being sent to OPM, and role holders should resume submitting new packages to OPM.
  • Acknowledgement page not populating user name during activation: 
    This was an intermittent issue that is now resolved. To clarify, there is still an issue with signing the acknowledgement page on MCUs and LA kits due to a known conflict between ActivClient 7.1 and Java. A fix for that is in Release 12.3 scheduled for May 19. Please see the ALP for the release notice.

We appreciate your patience as we worked to resolve these remaining VPN issues with our fixed sites.


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