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Urgent News You Need To Know About Your WDOL.gov Subscriptions

Wage Determinations OnLine.gov (WDOL.gov), where federal contracting officers and the public obtain wage determinations for federal contract actions, is moving to beta.SAM.gov on June 14, 2019. At that time beta.SAM.gov will become the authoritative source for wage determination data.


Please be advised: if you currently are a WDOL.gov user with subscriptions, your subscriptions will not be transferred to beta.SAM.gov automatically.  


Please see below the steps to follow and re-subscribe to your subscriptions in beta.SAM.gov.  (If you manage more than 20 subscriptions, we recently emailed you a list of the wage determinations to which you currently are subscribed and we included the same instructions as below):


Steps to follow and re-subscribe in beta.SAM.gov:

  1. Create account in beta.SAM.gov
  2. Sign-In to your beta.SAM.gov account
  3. Select WD from search bar


4. Copy and paste the wage determination number and select “Search”


5. Select the blue text that shows your wage determination


6. Select the “Follow” button in the upper right corner


When the “Follow” turns to “Unfollow” you will know that your action was successful.


You will need to repeat steps 3-6 for each wage determination you are subscribed to. You can manage your subscriptions from the user profile on beta.SAM.gov


You will begin to receive emails from “donotreply@gsa.gov”  whenever that subscription is updated.


Please continue to use wdol.gov as the official source for wage determination information.


You may receive duplicate email updates from beta.SAM.gov and WDOL until the official June 14, 2019 decommission.


For any issues please contact  FSD.gov via chat or on the phone at 866-606-8220.


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