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Updated Process to Identify ENERGY STAR Certified Products on GSAAdvantage!

Attention industry partners selling energy-efficient products! GSA is enhancing the process it uses to identify EPA ENERGY STAR certified products on GSAAdvantage!.


Your federal customers are required by Executive Order 13693 and FAR 23.303 to buy ENERGY STAR products within certain categories. Federal Supply Schedules (FSS) contractors are required by clause 552.238-72 to identify products have have environmental attributes in offers, printed material and electronic data submissions for GSAAdvantage!. FAS has responded to numerous inquiries from the EPA regarding mis-labeled ENERGY STAR products on GSAAdvantage! and has confirmed that many non-compliant products have been assigned the ENERGY STAR icon.


Currently, products listed on the ENERGY STAR registry are matched directly to products listed on GSAAdvantage!. This direct matching process was put in place in the mid-2000’s to reduce errors resulting from vendor self-designation while streamlining the catalog uploads. Direct matching achieved both objectives, but errors still occur frequently because EPA and GSA do not always receive the same product data from industry and the data received is sometimes incomplete or inaccurate. While FAS and EPA explore opportunities to align product data, FAS is implementing an enhanced process that considers additional data, such as product names and product descriptions, to match products between the ENERGY STAR registry and GSAAdvantage! with greater confidence and accuracy.


FAS will update GSAAdvantage! with the new process on April 19. GSAAdvantage! will be updated on a quarterly basis thereafter. Schedule 70 is the most impacted Schedule.


FSS contractors can help with the ENERGY STAR designation process while improving the overall integrity of their Schedule offerings by:

  • listing the product’s model number in the product description
  • submitting Universal Product Codes (UPC) and Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) for each awarded contract item, where available

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Brennan Conaway at brennan.conaway@gsa.gov


Thank you for your continued partnership.

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