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Update your GSA Advantage order status or risk suspension

Attention contractors! 

If your contract is eligible to receive orders via GSA Advantage, then this message applies to you.

One of the most frequent GSA Advantage customer questions is "Where's my stuff?"  Once a customer places an order, they want to know when they will receive it. You, the Schedule contract holder, answer this question by reporting order status. Order status reporting is a requirement of the MAS solicitation under SCP-FSS-001, paragraph (j)(1)(xv), which states:

"Schedule contractors must use EDI, cXML or the GSA Advantage Purchase Order (PO) Portal to provide order status that enables ordering agencies to track the location of an order at any time, from the moment the order is shipped, to the point of delivery and acceptance."

While GSA has been working to enforce shipping status for GSA Advantage orders, compliance with this requirement hovers at around 70%.  Our customers deserve better and expect more in today’s buying age. 

Beginning in April 2022, contractors with 10 or more product lines not in compliance with the reporting order status requirement will be suspended from GSA Advantage and eBuy

A corrective action plan will be required to lift the suspension and make your products visible to buyers again. If an acceptable corrective action plan is not received within 90 days of suspension, your contract will be removed from GSA Advantage and eBuy.

We will be following up this Interact post with individual emails to those listed as points of contact for active Advantage contracts. Those emails will include the current order status performance for that contract. You may also receive a communication from your FAS contracting office/officer to discuss your compliance. 

Act now to avoid suspension!

We look forward to working with you to better serve our customers. Questions or concerns not addressed in the below FAQs may be directed to advantageorderstatus@gsa.gov.

Thank you for your continued partnership.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How do I report order status?

You must regularly login to EDI or the PO Portal and add/update status on all line items and all orders placed against your contract.

2. Where do I get help with reporting order status?

If you’re using the PO Portal, read our help guide and access our recorded training. For further technical support, contact the VSC help center staff at 877-495-4849 or email vendor.support@gsa.gov.

If you’re using EDI, contact edistat@gsa.gov for additional training and questions.


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