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Update from OASIS Team Regarding Removal of Pre-decisional Blogs and Posting of Q&A

As previously discussed, all information here in the OASIS Community was pre-decisional and has been superseded by the release of the OASIS Final RFPs.  To avoid confusion, we have temporarily removed that pre-decisional information. However, we are in the process of creating a Historical Archive folder and anticipate it to be ready within a month or so. Once that folder is available, we will republish the material from this community there, for the historical record.  Though we will continue to read your comments, we will not be responding to them during the formal acquisition process.  

All questions and comments related to the OASIS and OASIS SB Final RFPs release should be submitted in accordance with the formal process outlined in the RFPs, which are located on FedBizOpps at OASIS Final RFP and OASIS SB Final RFP.

If you have any generic questions regarding OASIS, please direct them to oasis@gsa.gov.

We will be posting Questions and Answers on a regular basis on FedBizOpps at the links above.  Please refer to those site locations for more details.

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