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Upcoming Planned Roll-Out of the Mass Modification Transformation Initiative (MMTI) for GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contracts

GSA is transforming the mass modification process with significant process improvements, based upon feedback from the user community.  The new GSA Schedule mass modification process will increase flexibility in vendor responses, ensure contract compliance, and maximize customer confidence.  MMTI will benefit our industry partners in the following ways:

  • Contracts will remain compliant with the latest clauses and regulations as regulation update modifications (RUMs) will require timely responses within 90 days of issuance.
  • Contract holders will receive only the most recent version of clause updates for clauses which apply to them, rather than having to respond to multiple iterations of a clause that may have been superseded by subsequent updates.
  • Only authorised personnel will be allowed to respond to RUMs, thus maintaining the integrity of the contract and protecting the interests of the contract holder.
  • RUMs will be managed almost exclusively through eMod, eliminating the confusion associated with VSC PINs and passwords.

Allows Targeted Release of Regulation Update Modifications: Under MMTI, GSA Schedule contracting officers (COs) will be able to issue RUMs to specific contracts requiring updates, rather than to all contracts under a Schedule.  For example, RUMs can be issued based on business size, socio-economic status or SIN, depending upon the applicability of the particular clause updates.  As a result, each Schedule vendor will be required to respond only to RUMs that specifically apply to their contract.

Increases Flexibility in Vendor Responses: Clause updates will no longer be bundled together as they are in the current mass modification process.  Under MMTI, each regulation update will be treated as its own individual modification, giving vendors the flexibility to address each update individually as they are ready to do so. 

Centralizes Modification Management in eMod: MMTI will also establish eMod as the single point of action for managing contract modifications, and will leverage the benefits that the eMod application already offers, including ensuring that only authorized negotiators respond to RUMs.  Currently, mass modifications are managed in both eMod and in the Vendor Support Center (VSC) via a vendor PIN/password.  MMTI will bring the current mass modification process entirely into eMod and SWS and will ultimately eliminate the need to manage the process via the VSC with a PIN/password.  Under MMTI, only authorized negotiators with valid digital certificates will have access to RUMs.  Please note that larger “customized” mass mods, for the time being, will still be managed through the mass mods application.

Enhances Contract Compliance Measures: In order to ensure compliance with regulation updates, GSA also plans to introduce a new process to ensure that vendors respond to regulation updates in a timely manner and that contracts remain compliant with current regulations.  Vendors will have 90 days from the date of issuance to respond to the RUM.  Once the 90 days have passed, vendor access to specific functions within eMod, Advantage, eBuy, and eLibrary will be restricted until the outstanding RUM has been addressed by the vendor.  Note that vendors are not required to accept a RUM in order to maintain access to GSA systems; any vendor response, including acceptance, a request for clarification or a request for exception will constitute compliance.  Further, the RUM will remain available for vendor response indefinitely so that the vendor may address the RUM at any point during or after the 90 day period.

Email reminders will be sent to designated authorized negotiators at the following intervals:

  • On the 30th, 60th, 75th, and 89th day(s) from issuance of the RUM
  • On the 90th (final) day
  • On the 91st day: functionality within eMod, Advantage, eBuy, and eLibrary is limited pending the vendor’s response to the RUM
  • Weekly until the vendor responds to the RUM

Important Baseline Mass Modification:  In order to successfully implement MMTI a “baseline” mass modification utilizing the existing process is expected to be released in November.  This mass modification will include the TDR change to Optional for TDR Schedules and will be part of a normal Refresh mass modification for non-TDR Schedules.  This mass modification is intended to update all existing MAS contracts to the current terms and conditions.  It is necessary to ensure that all existing MAS contracts are “baselined” prior to implementing MMTI.

The roll out of MMTI and the migration of the mass mod process into eOffer/eMod is anticipated in the next few months.  Regulation Update Modifications issued to update clauses within contracts will start appearing for vendors on the “My Modifications” screen after this the roll out.  We expect many questions as the proposed launch date for these changes draws near.  Please send comments and questions to MMTIquestions@gsa.gov.  GSA will collect comments and provide responses as necessary.

An industry webinar on an “Introduction to the Mass Mods Transformation Initiative (MMTI)” will be held on November 13, 2017 from 11:00 to 12:30 pm EST.  Interested parties may register for the webinar at:


Thank you for your continued partnership.


Questions & Answers:

1.  Why is the change being implemented?

There are several reasons why the changes are being implemented.  MMTI will ensure that only authorized negotiators are able to approve mass mods within VSC. Mods are also being done in both eMod and VSC, which creates confusion for vendors.  Additionally, vendors are often required to respond multiple times to the same regulation and the mass mod process is manual, labor & cost intensive.  This change will help ensure that all contracts are compliant and updated.

2. What constitutes compliance with this new process?

Vendors maintain compliance with this policy by RESPONDING to RUMs within the 90 days of issuance.  A response includes an “acceptance”, a “request for clarification”, or a “request for exception”.  Any response, not only acceptance of the RUM, will constitute compliance; if you not to respond at all during the 90 day time period you will be out of compliance.

3. What happens if vendors do not bring their contracts into compliance with this process by responding to the RUM within 90 days? 

Vendors who do not respond to RUMs before the 90 day deadline has passed will experience the following limitations:


The vendor will not be able to submit most modification sub-types. Only administrative, legal, and cancellation modifications will be accessible.


The vendor’s product/service listings will be hidden from view and vendors will be excluded from search results on Advantage.  Potential buyers therefore, will not be able to access vendor products/services.


Vendors will see warning text on the home screen.  These vendors will be able to view, but not quote on new RFQ opportunities under the non-compliant contract.  Note: Vendors will be able to modify quotes submitted prior to missing the 90 day deadline, and vendors holding multiple contracts will only be restricted for the non-compliant contract.  Compliant contracts will not be restricted in any way.


The non-compliant contract will remain listed on eLibrary; however, the direct link to the vendor’s products/services will be removed pending completion of the outstanding mass modification response.

Please note, access to eTools will be restored in real time, immediately after the vendor responds to the outstanding RUM.


DISCLAIMER: GSA FAS is posting this notification of a planned change to the mass modification process as a courtesy to industry. All comments on the attached DRAFT document must be submitted in the “Comments” section below within ten (10) business days of this posting. Comments provided elsewhere or after 10 business days may not be considered. GSA FAS will consider all relevant comments, but will not issue a formal response to industry comments or related inquiries. 



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