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Universal ERM Requirements Version 2: Important Guidance

Dear Industry Partners,

NARA recently updated the Universal Electronic Records Management (ERM) Requirements to Version 2. This new version will be incorporated into the MAS Solicitation via a Solicitation Refresh and corresponding Mass Modification. We anticipate this will be sometime in May 2020. NARA has posted an overview of changes to the Universal ERM Requirements on their Records Express Blog.

Please review these changes in order to determine if your "Vendor Certification for Electronic Records Management Solutions" form needs to be updated, or if you need to request any modifications to the awarded items or Terms & Conditions to your GSA contract.

  • If the ERM Elements you originally self-certified are not changing, then you do not need to submit a contract modification request. In this case, accepting the MAS Solicitation Refresh Mass Mod will represent certification to the Version 2 Universal ERM requirements.
  • If you need to update the set of 11 ERM Elements you originally self certified, then you will need to complete a contract modification before accepting the MAS Solicitation Refresh Mass Mod.
  • If any changes to your awarded items or Terms & Conditions are needed to maintain your self-certification, you will need to complete a contract modification before accepting the MAS Solicitation Refresh Mass Mod.

Vendors who have not signed Consolidation Mass Mod A812, and are still under the Schedule 36 Solicitation, will not see the May MAS Solicitation Refresh Mass Mod until A812 is completed.

Please reach out to your Contracting Officer (CO) for guidance if you are not sure whether you should accept Mass Mod A812 at this time. Some contracts may need to wait to accept Mass Mod A812, e.g. if the contract is in the middle of an Option review.

We urge vendors who have not signed Mass Mod A812 to complete this action as soon as possible. While the deadline for signing A812 is 7/31/2020, the ERM SIN is relatively new, and it is important to provide a comprehensive representation of the services and solutions under the new Consolidated ERM SIN 518210ERM.

Mass Mods are completed via GSA's Mass Mod SystemGSA's Vendor Support Center has general information about Mass Mods here.

If you have questions specific to NARA's updated Universal ERM Requirements, please contact NARA at rmpolicy@nara.gov. If you need to request a contract modification before accepting a Mass Mod, please contact your Contracting Officer or Contract Specialist.

Thank you for your partnership!

GSA Records Management Team

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