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Understanding “Acquisition” and “Requisition”

Federal buyers, whether military or civilian, have broad discretion in conducting an “acquisition” of products or services to fulfill their missions.  There are numerous regulations and dollar value considerations when conducting “acquisitions” from commercial sources. That source may hold a Multiple Award Schedule contract and offer the proverbial “government discount”, or may be an open market supplier offering a one-time sale to a federal buyer.

In contrast, a “requisition” is a transaction between a federal buyer and another federal agency. In thousands of cases every week, requisitioner are submitted to GSA for orders of office supplies, tools or other commodities from GSA Global Supply. Even though the physical shipment is made by a vendor partner, the customer is billed by GSA, makes a payment to GSA and works with GSA on any customer service issues that may arise.

Customers realize significant benefits by requisitioning from GSA Global Supply:

  • Flexibility in payment (purchase card or direct billing via Activity Address Code);

  • No need to document comparison shopping from 3 sources (GSA has already competed all items and obtained best available pricing);

  • Multiple ordering options and worldwide delivery capability (often through DLA consolidation points)


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