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Turning Passion into Profit

Turning Passion into Profit


Micky Dixon is a self-described nomad, a well-traveled wanderer, so it’s not clear whether she blames or credits technology with her small business success.

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Five and a half years ago, Micky and her husband were selling medical books and publications for a publisher at trade shows when the publisher laid off the entire sales staff. Out of work, Micky turned to what she knew – travel.




Within a month of being laid off, she had formed her own travel and tourism company and was on her way to her future. “It is truly my passion and my focus, where I should be. I’m having a blast,” she explains when asked why a travel job. Her first trip was a spring break excursion to the Dominican Republic for a group of 16 college students. With that success, she was off and running.

Success in the travel and tourism industry isn’t easy. The popularity of online sites that offer travelers the ability to find and book their own vacation plans caused a lot of travel agents to turn to other careers. Businesses closed down, the personal touch and experience of professionals fell by the wayside. Micky says that made the first few years tough, but she’s seeing a turn back to the way it used to be. She says people are looking for insight into places that travel agents offer because they make it their business to know the ins and outs of locations.

Since that first  trip in 2011, she’s studied her way to official certifications in both the travel and cruise industries. She’s acted as a tour guide, travel planner and consultant for hundreds of customers.

At first it was a bit of a struggle, but word of mouth and her success with self-marketing is being recognized. This summer, Micky was asked to speak at the Home-based Travel Agent Forum. Her success is being held up as an example of what to do to others in the industry.


Because Micky spent 18 of her first 20 years of life in Europe as the daughter of an Army soldier father and a German mother, she has a unique perspective on what to see and what to avoid on the continent. It’s that insight that has her customers coming back for more.  She asks her clients very specific questions about what they want to see and do, then puts together personalized itineraries for them. She explains, “I don’t use tour operators. I plan day-by-day. What do you want to see? Where do you want to go? I want the trip to be about YOU … not what a tour operator wants you to see.” She explains that was the reason behind naming her business “Travel Planning for You!!”

Micky continues to find new and exciting places to visit and send clients. While she specializes in Europe, she offers itineraries all over the world and cruises, too. She says, “every day is an adventure when adventure is your business.”

GSA believes in the value of small businesses. We share this story as an inspiration to others and encourage entrepreneurship nationwide.

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