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Truly Green! Utilizing federal excess property first!

So - you all know that FAR 8.002 gives the ranking of priority for acquiring supplies within the government.  Number 2 on that list?  Excess inventory from other agencies!!  Can you get any greener than re-using property that other agencies no longer have a use for?  And now, GSA Property Management has even launched a 'Carbon Footprint Tool'  that provides you with a measure of how you have helped the environment.  It's included in GSAXcess®, GSA AuctionsSM, Computers for Learning [CFL], Energy Asset Disposal System [EADS] and the Agency Asset Management System [AAMS].  When utilizing these programs, you get a message that says "Reusing this item instead of buying new is like saving the carbon equivalent of ...."  There are 23 equivalencies each of which can be selected from a drop down. Gallons of Gasoline Used is the default equivalency, and each equivalency will be displayed with a graphic representation. Go to http://gsaxcess.gov and check it out!!!

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