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Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) Tool Live Demo

GSA is hosting a live demo of their Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) tool. Please see the information below: 

Event Information: Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) Live Demo

Event Detail: TDR supports the collection of transactional-level sales data. This webinar will feature a live demonstration of the TDR with a focus on the vendor/user perspective. This demonstration is designed to complement the tutorial found on the ‘FAS Sales Reporting’ website and will be followed by a Q & A session.

Start Time: 02/21/2018 1:00 PM
End Time: 02/21/2018 2:30 PM

Event Registration Page- https://meet.gsa.gov/e2cd8nd02l9/event/event_info.html


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