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Three, Two, One …. Liftoff - GSA Adds Commercial Space Launch Integration Services to Schedules

In addition to legal, language and logistics services, federal agencies can now buy engineering services to support a satellite launch from the U.S. General Services Administration’s Professional Services Schedule (PSS).

Satellite launch integration services are the engineering services needed to integrate, launch, and deploy satellites from a rocket, or other launch vehicle. Years ago, rockets could only carry and launch one satellite at a time. Today, they can carry more than one satellite (depending on size) and it takes complex engineering services to ensure they are mounted properly and ready for launch. Through the satellite launch integration services on the PSS, federal agencies can tap industry experts to develop the specs, design, testing, prototypes, and related logistics needed for mounting satellites to rockets and launching them into space.

The Commercial Space Launch Integration services were added to the Schedule primarily at the request of the U.S. Air Force, but other agencies, including NASA and NOAA, might also benefit from these unique engineering offerings.

GSA has awarded space launch service packages to Spaceflight Inc. (GS-00F-036DA) and TriSept Corporation (GS-10F-0118V) and is working with other commercial companies to provide these services.

The PSS special item numbers (SINs) identified for these services are:

  • 871-2, Concept Development and Requirements Analysis
  • 871-3, System Design, Engineering and Integration
  • 871-4, Test and Evaluation
  • 871-5, Integrated Logistics Support

More information about the Commercial Space Launch Integration Services can be found at www.gsaelibrary.gsa.gov  For additional information on this service or the Professional Services Schedule please contact professionalservices@gsa.gov


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