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Thinking about a Green House Gas Inventory? Go for it!

Thank you to all who joined GSA at our Industry Government Council Meeting during the first afternoon of the GSA Expo!  We had a great discussion, spanning various topics such as how the schedules program will look in the future, small business success, the impact of recent changes to the FAR, as well as FAS goals and accomplishments. Here at GSA, we appreciate your willingness to share and engage with us in these important discussions.  One of the most interesting topics of discussion during the meeting surrounded the process of completing a GHG inventory, and its benefits.  Some shared their experiences; others shared challenges such as complexity and cost, and many vendors noted that their companies have not yet delved into doing GHG inventories at all.    Interestingly, there seemed to be consensus around the fact that completing a GHG inventory and setting reduction goals accordingly was well worth the time and effort, and companies who are considering completing an inventory should go for it!  There are so many benefits…

Let’s use this platform to continue the conversation, and include others who were unable to join us in San Diego, CA.  Please share your concerns, insights, questions, and experiences around GHG Inventories.  For more information on the GreenGov Supply Chain Partnership, please visit:  http://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/240789

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