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Temporary Updates to the Card Stock Ordering and Check In Process

The USAccess Card Stock Inventory Management Tool (CSIMT) is temporarily unavailable for agency use. Until further notice, agencies are asked to email HSPD12@gsa.gov to place local print card stock orders and email again upon card stock receipt. The MSO will manually place card stock orders and check in card stock on behalf of agencies.

When placing requests (orders) for local print card stock, include the following information:

  • Agency Name
  • Site Code
  • Site Contact Name
  • Site Contact Phone Number
  • Full Ship To Site Address

Upon receiving a card stock shipment, provide the following information:

  • Agency Name
  • Site Code
  • Sleeve Number
  • Transfer Site Information (if applicable)

The MSO will then look up the item in the CSIMT and will check in the card stock or approve the transfer.

The MSO anticipates this temporary situation to be resolved within six-eight weeks and will inform customer agencies when the CSIMT access is restored to accept orders. The MSO does not expect the CSIMT development work to delay card stock shipments.


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