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Take Advantage of Reduced FedEx and UPS Shipping Rates

Shipping isn’t cheap! Carriers raise their shipping rates every year which can have an impact on commissions and boards’ operating budgets. GSA recently confirmed that all CABs customer organizations are eligible for reduced UPS, FedEx, and Polar Air Cargo rates under the Department of Defense’s Next Generation Delivery Services contract (“NGDS”).

NGDS is a Category Management initiative which consolidates domestic and international small package express and ground delivery services for all Federal Government agencies. NGDS provides significant discounts over carrier published rates. The contract includes:

• Domestic express and ground delivery for shipments up to and including 150 lbs. within CONUS.

• Domestic express delivery for shipments up to and including 300 lbs. between CONUS and Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, and within Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico up to 300 lbs.

• International express delivery for shipments up to and including 300 lbs.

• Service provided for U.S. Federal Government users, Cost-Reimbursable Contractors, and other Eligible Users.

See information below when opening accounts with shipping providers to utilize NGDS rates:

FedEx New Account Process: To open a FedEx account, Government customers must call the FedEx Government Billing Hotline at 1.800.645.9424. FedEx is requesting that customers do not open an account via fedex.com.

UPS New Account Process: UPS prefers the Enterprise Accounts Managers enable new accounts that way they are aware of the accounts and ensure the right set-up is accomplished by parent / sub-parent as many of the agencies have different requirements. If a new account is needed, customers should send an email of introduction including agency name, address and POC information to (rwegner@ups.com). UPS will put you in contact with appropriate Enterprise Accounts Manager account managers and initiate account set-up.

Polar Air Cargo (Serviced by DHL) New Account Process: To open a DHL shipping account, customers are asked to contact the DHL Global Public Sector Support office at (888) 345-9363 or by emailing GlobalPublicSector@dhl.com.


• A Commercial Bill of Lading (CBL), electronic Commercial Form (CF), U.S. Government Bill of Lading (GBL), U.S. Government Charge Card, Air Waybill, written task order or other ordering process as approved by the Contracting Officer constitutes a task order for package delivery services.

• Task Orders issued in accordance with FAR 16.505(b) use a best value approach based on factors such as quality of service, past performance, cost/price, claims experience, ability to perform service within stated requirements, and Contractor commitment of transportation assets to readiness support.

• Only the NGDS Contracting Officer is authorized to negotiate further rate reductions in accordance with the Annual Rate and Price Adjustment language in the contract.

For more information contact:

NGDS Program Management Office
Email: transcom.scott.tcj5j4.mbx.lc@mail.mil
Office Phone: (618) 220-5773

Information about NGDS is hosted on the Acquisition Gateway link.

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