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Sustainability and the Small Business

I have recently joined the Sustainability in Procurement Fellows which is led by Nancy Gillis and is helping immensely in expanding my knowledge of the topic to be a resource for small business.  The Executive Order (E.O.) 13514 is pushing Federal buyers to make sustainable acquisitions.  What this means for small business is that some procurements will have requirements and standards as to what the government considers green.  Vendors who are currently calling themselves green may not be viewed that way by government buyers in the near future.  

The other challenge is identifying legitimate green/sustainable companies who have quality products and services to help the government meet the 95% procurement goal.  Office supplies, mobile work environments, greening buildings etc.  We call this Greening the Supply Chain  - it means increasing our choices for where we get these products and services.

As we continue to understand the social, economical and environmental impact of the new sustainable market, I would like to hear from you.

Share with me your vision for small business, innovations in green products and services, solutions to the governments challenges and I will pass your messages on to those who want to make a difference.

It's 6:24 pm - have a good night and I look forward to your stories.  I leave with the sustainability definition as identified in the E.O.:


“sustainability’’ and ‘‘sustainable’’ mean to create and maintain conditions, under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, that permit fulfilling the social, economic, and other requirements of present and future generations”
E.O. 13514 definition


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