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Hello, Newbie here... What is the best way for me to connect with someone at ESS to see if my business is a fit as solutions provider?
Thank you for your interest. We are not currently adding new Primes BPA holders, but each of our Primes are always seeking subcontractors and team members to add to their teams. You can use the POC list at the website to reach out to them. You can also find information about the scopes of our BPAs as well as past and upcoming requirements on the website. https://www.acc.army.mil/contractingcenters/acc-rsa/Express.html
Where is the latest guidance concerning G&A on travel with regards to EXPRESS Team Members located? Thanks so much for any information you can provide!
ESP Response: G&A cost is an allowable ODC for the PRIME contractor, Team Members, and any subcontractor(s) only if the calculation of G&A cost is part of the company’s normal accounting practice.
Is this where information from the November 6, 2019 Industry Communications Event will be posted?
The information from ICE is posted on the EXPRESS public website: https://acc.army.mil/contractingcenters/acc-rsa/Express.html
When is the next time contractors have an opportunity to compete to be a prime contractor on the AMCOM EXPRESS BPA?
ESP Response: At this time there is no plan for an on-ramp for any domains of EXPRESS. The EXPRESS Program Strategies team continually monitors the make-up of the vendor pool for EXPRESS to ensure that it is sufficient to ensure the proper level of competition.
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