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Stay Tuned For More IAE News You Can Use

As we’ve been telling you for some time, the Integrated Award Environment has been laying the groundwork for transitioning the 10 systems we manage into one, streamlined environment.  Much of the groundwork has been laid, and we now are in the full swing of doing the on-the-ground work.

Given the significant amount of activity going on in the IAE these days, combined with the rapid growth of subscribers to this Interact page, we are beginning to communicate with you more regularly through this channel.  In the near future, you can expect to see more posts about IAE technologies and the intersection of IAE and award management.

Upcoming technology posts will focus on how our development and operations teams use agile programming and DevOps techniques to streamline IAE software development and deployment. You’ll also be able to read about how IAE is using the cloud and open source technologies to build the award management platform of the future.

Award management is a hot topic for many organizations doing work with the United States government. We’ll keep you updated with award management posts focusing on how IAE is going to help those who award, administer, or receive federal financial assistance (i.e.; grants, loans), contracts, and intergovernmental transactions.

While we continue to have a conversation with our robust Interact community, we very much want it to a be a two-way dialogue.  Please let us know what IAE technology and award management topics you would like to see us cover here on the IAE Industry Community Page.  What questions do you have about the transition work going on at IAE?  What do you want to know or learn about regarding the future state of IAE?

We’re always happy to hear from our stakeholders.  So please feel free to reach out to us at any time, directly in the comments section on this page or by sending us an email at IAEOutreach@gsa.gov.


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The Integrated Award Environment (IAE) is a government-wide initiative administered by GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS). We manage the suite... More

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