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State and Local Government Use of GSA Advantage!®

State and local government entities may use the GSA Advantage!® online shopping and ordering system to purchase products and services under both the Cooperative Purchasing Program and the Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program. Schedule contractors that have agreed to offer Cooperative Purchasing and/or Disaster Recovery Purchasing are identified on GSA Advantage!® with the Cooperative Purchasing and/or Disaster Recovery Purchasing icon.

Payments for state and local government purchases on GSA Advantage!® are limited to credit card payments using a state or local government issued credit card. State and local government customers must also register and obtain the necessary approvals from a supervisor or approving official as part of the registration process.

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<p><strong>My products are through Amway,I sell them to clients from Business to Church.Can I offer them on GSA </strong></p><p><strong>Advantage?</strong></p>
MAS Blogger
<p>Hi &quot;amilfordjr&quot;: To offer products on GSA Advantage you must first become a GSA Schedule contractor.&nbsp;As a&nbsp;vendor you&nbsp;would submit an offer in response to the applicable GSA Schedule solicitation. To learn more visit our web page, <a href="http://www.gsa.gov/portal/category/100635">For Vendors - Getting on Schedule and Managing Your Contract </a>.</p>
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