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Small Business and Sustainable Solutions

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Hello Small Business Community,

It is a beautiful day in September and I am wondering about our move to a more sustainable work environment and how that affects our small businesses as we seek to provide the best customer care. 

Virtual, Satellite, Mobile, Telework – all words that affect where we are and how we will communicate.  These are also words that mean less waste, process and stress as we decrease commuting cost and toxins in our environment, I know it is more complicated than that – but you get the point.  It can also mean longer work hours as there are no lunch or train schedules to interrupt our day, which may be less sustainable.

What about you, our small businesses?

How are you incorporating these sustainable business practices into your daily routine?  Are you choosing conference calls over in-person meetings?  Is the option affecting your productivity or accessibility?

Many people have opinions about what it means to provide customer service and the need for businesses to meet face to face yet day after day we see everything from billboards to television commercials highlighting a cleaner way.  Video conferencing and other forms of technology can keep us connected. Is it working?

As you think about your week or plan for next week, I would love to hear how sustainable business practices are helping or hurting the small business community.

I also want to hear from you on what solutions you recommend to the government to improve upon the way we work together in this new atmosphere and the business practices you have personally implemented with success.

We are always looking for small business solutions.  Will you be the solution?

Looking forward to hearing from you. 


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<p>Hello,&nbsp;</p><p>As a small business that services the public, we do the majority of our customer interaction in person or in the &quot;field&quot; (away from the office). With the rising cost of fuel we have begun inacting procedures that limit the number of these interactions to only the most important transactional processes necessary for forward progress. By &quot;prequalifying&quot; each upcoming apointment we can make sure to cover and collect the maximum amount of information needed. Several steps of the &quot;road to the sale&quot; are consolidated into a single meeting. We often explain to our customers that in order to deliver consistently competitive pricing we must operate more strictly with regards to the number of appts, length of customer appointments, and our customer servicing area. We have also developed a network or service providers that offer similar services, similar quality, and similar pricing to service those customers outside our area of focus. We now electronically deliver estimates and proposals via email rather than printing the reports. I believe our business society is transitioning to a lean, efficient, and impact-based philosophy in all phases of operations.&nbsp;</p><p>Warm regards,</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Nicholas Smith</p><p>President, EcoShield Roofing &amp; Construction, LLC</p>
<p>As a small buisness, I access FBO daily&nbsp;searching for opportunities. If the government would make search results available either as a CVS or EXCEL or XML format file, this would go a long way toward making my BD processes more efficient. Currently we have to subscribe to an external service that does not provide any value beyond what we can do for ourselves given the current level of technology.</p>
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