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Small Business and GSA Schedule Changes

Did you know that there are many changes coming that will affect the way that agencies purchase from small business?  As these changes happen we at OSBU are working hard to get you good and current information. 


The GSA Schedules Program is one of our most popular procurement tools and for the first time ever, agencies will be able to set-aside to small business for their requirements.  In light of the E.O 13514 (Executive Order) there are also new sustainability requirements that will not only be affecting schedules but most contract actions.  If you’re not up to speed on these new changes you may be missing some key information that will affect how you market to government buyers. 


In 2012 you can expect free training from our office on a series of topics related to doing business with GSA.  You can learn more and register by visiting our site at www.gsa.gov/osbu and clicking on "Training".  You will notice constant updates to that site in the coming weeks as the classes are being developed for the New Year.  Also, to learn more about set-asides on the GSA Schedules program which is one of the newest things happening in government contracting please visit www.gsa.gov/schedulesandsbgoals.  These changes will have an impact on small business and we are hoping that by giving you this new information as soon as possible you will quickly be able to adjust and respond.  Small Business is the Solution!


Christy Jackiewicz


GSA, OSBU Outreach Program Manager

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