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Share Your Thoughts: Delivery Terms for MRO

Hello everyone,

Thank you for sending feedback on the Draft RFQ.  The MRO Team is reviewing your responses and will address your questions through Interact shortly. 

On another topic, in our meetings and discussions with stakeholders, a common question was raised several times.  We believe it would be beneficial to hear Industry’s feedback on this subject.  The issue at hand is that, while a customer may sometimes require items delivered overnight or within a few days, at other times that customer may not have any type of urgency for the delivery of an item.  To help us address this concern, please respond with your input  in regards to the following questions: What is the cost impact or variance of a one day delivery versus a  three to four day delivery or a seven day delivery for your items, regardless of whether the item is a small tool, a tool cabinet, or a case of paint?  What are the average ranges in pricing for these varying delivery times? Lastly, what are your recommendations for offering a tiered delivery approach (overnight, 1 to 2 day delivery, 3 to 5 day delivery, 5 to 7 day delivery, 7+day delivery)?

Please share your thoughts either here at GSA Interact or via email at fssi.mro@gsa.gov.

GSA’s MRO Team


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