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Share Your Thoughts: Delivery Terms and Berry Amendment for JanSan

Hello everyone,

Thank you for sending feedback on the Draft RFQ.  The JanSan Team is reviewing your responses and will be addressing those questions through Interact shortly. 

On another couple of topics, we’ve been talking with stakeholders and a few questions have been brought up several times. We believe it would be beneficial to get Industry’s perspective.  At times a customer may want items delivered overnight or within a few days and at other times may not have any type of urgency for delivery of an item.  For the delivery of your items, whether the item is a case of cleaning chemicals, a case of paper towels, or a floor machine, what is the cost impact or variance of a one day delivery versus three to four day delivery or a seven day delivery?  What are the average ranges in pricing for these varying delivery times? Lastly, what are your recommendations for offering a tiered delivery approach (overnight, 1 to 2 day delivery, 3 to 5 day delivery, 5 to 7 day delivery, 7+day delivery)?

Also, with DoD being a large consumer of JanSan items, the strategic solution must be compliant with the Berry Amendment.  As a schedule contract holder, does the Berry Amendment apply to any of the JanSan items you offer our DoD customers?

Please share your thoughts either here at GSA Interact or via email at fssi.jansan@gsa.gov.

GSA’s JanSan Team


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<p>Our normal delivery for&nbsp;standard stocked item orders shipping CONUS is 1 - 2 business days with no additional charge.&nbsp;&nbsp;There is no difference in the cost of goods or the delivery cost to serve.&nbsp; &nbsp;</p><p>Standard for most orders placed&nbsp;by cut off time ( typically&nbsp;between 3 - 5 PM&nbsp;/ shipping facility time zone&nbsp;)&nbsp; is that they will ship out that evening and be delivered next day via small package carrier&nbsp;the following day if in a 2 day small package carrier area.&nbsp; Example:&nbsp; Order Monday at Noon receive on Tuesday to&nbsp;most&nbsp;locations in&nbsp;the continental United States; some areas are 2 day, enabling 98 % of the orders to be delivery by close of business on Wednesday.</p><p>A next day &quot;guarantee&quot; shipment would&nbsp;drive a increased&nbsp;freight/delivery&nbsp;cost&nbsp;to serve which vendors would need an opportunity to pass along.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
FSSI JanSan Blogger
<p>Thank you very much for your response.&nbsp; We will take this under advisement as we move forward. &nbsp;</p>
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