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Service Enhancements

Changes/updates since last Blue Top

  • September 26-27, 2020: Routine monthly maintenance was completed as scheduled.  Included with this maintenance was a change to the TLS settings for USAccess workstations. In order to improve security, the use of TLS 1.1 and below has now been disabled. The updated settings were remotely pushed to FCUs.  However, any agencies with MCU or LA workstations should download the latest installation guides from the SFTP site and follow the new steps to ensure only TLS 1.2 is enabled under Internet Options.

Planned system events

  • October 7-12, 2020: Card batching for Central Print cards will be temporarily disabled.  Prior to the implementation of Release 19.0, card batching will be turned off on Wednesday, October 7 and remain unavailable until 11:59PM ET on Monday, October 12.  Please allow a few extra days for the delivery of centrally printed cards following the resumption of batching on Tuesday, October 13.

  • October 9-12, 2020: Release 19.0 is scheduled for Production during this weekend.  This release consists of a version upgrade to the Card Management System (CMS) software used for card activations, updates, and PIN resets.  Please note that, due to the longer time necessary for implementing a CMS upgrade, the release will begin on Friday evening at 8:00PM ET, October 9 instead of the more typical Saturday start.  Agencies should adjust the schedules for their sites as appropriate if they will be affected by the early start time.  As part of the upgrade, there are mandatory installer updates necessary for both MCU and LA, which have been posted to the SFTP site. The Desktop Rekey package has also been updated.  Please plan for the USAccess service to be unavailable from 8:00PM ET on Friday, October 9 through 11:59PM ET on Monday, October 12.

  • November 7-8, 2020: Routine monthly maintenance is scheduled for this weekend timeframe. Please plan for the USAccess service to be unavailable from Saturday, November 7 through Sunday, November 8.


Please be aware that planned maintenance periods can sometimes result in unanticipated delays in service. We will notify you of unanticipated delays. Please ensure that systems are operable prior to your first appointment following a maintenance weekend.


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