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Service Enhancements – November 2017

Changes/updates since last Blue Top

  • October 21-22: Routine maintenance and USAccess Software Release 11.1 were completed as scheduled. A release notice is posted on the Agency Lead Portal that includes screenshots of several changes visible to role holders, including the new ad hoc reporting capability, a new invoice report on the Reports Portal and the new training portal.
  • November 4-5: Routine maintenance that included Entrust CA maintenance as well as USAccess Release 11.2 were all completed as scheduled. A release notice for 11.2 is posted on the Agency Lead Portal. This release implemented dynamic font sizing for the characters that print in Zone 4 on the face of PIV card.

Planned system events

  • Registrars and Activators who work with a FIXED workstation should keep their workstations powered on tonight, Nov. 9, as we push an update to their workstations in preparation for the transition to the new CU managed infrastructure. See more details in the article above.
  • Routine Monthly Maintenance is scheduled for the weekend of Dec. 2-3. Please plan for the USAccess service to be unavailable starting at 5:30 a.m. Eastern on Saturday, Dec. 2 through 11:59 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, Dec. 3.
  • USAccess Software Release 12.0 is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of Jan. 13-14, 2018. This release includes an update to the CMS system used to activate and update PIV credentials. A draft release notice will be posted on the Agency Lead Portal.

    Please be aware that planned maintenance periods can sometimes result in unanticipated delays in service. Please assure that systems are operable prior to your first appointment following a maintenance weekend. We will notify you of unanticipated delays.


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