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Security Tip - USAccess Account Security Best Practices

We all know and understand that Government systems require that each user be explicitly identified. The credential produced for you by USAccess is a key element in establishing your unique ID. Unauthorized use of your credential may expose you and your agency to unnecessary risk. In extreme cases, it may also expose you to civil and possible criminal penalties. Examples of unauthorized or improper use can include using someone else's credential (with or without their permission), lending your credential to a colleague, or leaving it unattended.

In the event that your credential is lost or stolen, you must report it immediately to protect you and your agency from a possible attack. A failure to immediately report this may also expose you to penalties.

As a USAccess credential holder, it is solely your responsibility to protect your credential, user ID and password/PIN. Your continued vigilance is a primary element in preventing credential misuse by unauthorized users.


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