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Security Tip – Telework, Laptop, and Credential Security during Holiday Travel

With the holidays upon us, the MSO would like to remind PIV card holders to be mindful of your agency security and privacy policies when traveling and working in public places. As a USAccess credential holder, you have important responsibilities to do your part to safeguard the security of the nation, your fellow employees, and yourself.

Technology and flexible work arrangements (e.g. telework) greatly facilitate how we accomplish our jobs. However, each of us has to be diligent in how we handle and secure our Government-owned equipment and Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Consult with your agency IT Security office regarding specific policies. The following are some common recommendations to be mindful of when working remotely.

  • Lock your computer screen and remove your PIV card when you step away.
  • Secure your agency-issued laptop and other mobile devices when not in use.
  • Securely store all documents containing sensitive information (e.g. PII)  when you’re not actively working with them.
  • Always encrypt all sensitive information while working outside of your agency network.

When traveling with your agency-assigned laptop, use extra caution to prevent theft. Laptops are very attractive targets in airports and public places. Do not leave your laptop or other belongings unattended in any public access location. While going through a security or customs screening, also try to keep visual contact with your laptop if you are required to set it down.


If traveling with your PIV credential during the holidays, be sure to safeguard your card at all times. If you find that you have lost your credential or you believe it has been stolen or tampered with, contact your agency’s security officer immediately.

Every federal employee has a responsibility to make sure Government-owned equipment, PIV credentials, and sensitive information are secured.


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