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On-Screen Help for Entity Registration

Did you know that when you register in SAM.gov, on-screen help is available for many data fields? As you go through registration and select data fields to enter information, an information box appears in the upper right corner of your screen. 

For example, in the “Assertions” section, you must enter at least one NAICS code for your entity.  When you place the cursor in the “Search for NAICS Code” field, the information box appears with more details about NAICS codes.

In the “Core Data” section, the information box appears with each field, describing important background information to help you complete the registration successfully. This feature is available with most data entry fields in each section of registration. 

Registration can be a detailed process, but it’s a critical step in applying for federal awards. We hope this help feature makes the process easier for you.  

Get help with each step of your registration by viewing these guides to entity registration at the Federal Service Desk (FSD.gov).


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