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SAM.gov Identity Proofing Required in FY 2022

The System for Award Management (SAM) introduced identity proofing as optional for non-federal Entity Administrators with the May 24, 2021 SAM.gov integration.

As part of a phased implementation, SAM.gov will implement a process whereby all Entity Administrators who have not optionally completed identity proofing will be required to go through the Identity Proofing steps at Login.gov in fiscal year 2022 (date to be determined). Entity Administrators that fail the identity proofing process can continue as Entity Administrators in SAM.gov for a period of time. However, identity proofing will be required at some point later in fiscal year 2022 for all non-federal Entity Administrators. Read an explanation of the requirement and a description of SAM.gov roles.

Comments or suggestions for improving the Identity Proofing process can be provided via the “Feedback” button at SAM.gov.

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