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Reverse Auction Training for Vendors

GSA's Reverse Auction Training for GSA Vendors

Date:  August 29, 2013
Time:  11:00 AM (EST)

On July 1, 2013, GSA launched its government managed Reverse Auction Platform eTool System which is ready for use.

This training will provide the vendor community information on the benefits of using reverse auctioning and how to utilize the platform to bid on auctions released by Buyers by taking the vendor users through the auction process.  
A question-and-answer session will be provided through the use of the webinar “CHAT” feature at the END of the training course.

Instructions to attend the Reverse Auction for Buyers (Virtual) Training Course:
1.  Click on the following URL/website to login and attend this (virtual) training course:


2.  Click the top radio button and “Enter as a Guest” by typing in your full name.*
3.  Click “Enter Room” – (No password is required).
You will be connected to an audio bridge using your computer’s speakers (VoIP).  No phone is necessary.   
Turn up the volume on your computer and uncheck the computer’s “mute” volume button (if applicable). 


4.  If you wish to register for this course and obtain 1 CLP, please do so at www.gsa.gov/events

For more information contact Kevin Stallings at kevin.stallings@gsa.gov or by phone at (404) 331-1110.

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<p><br />Kudos to &nbsp;Paul!! Very helpful!&nbsp; Contractors added good unvarnished questions.&nbsp; Thanks to Charles for additional guidance and addressing comments. (spell checker works too!)</p>
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