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Revectoring and Realigning to Meet Customers' Needs and Enhance Efficiencies


I think that my last entry was perhaps four years ago.  It feels like a lifetime has passed.  There have been many changes, challenges, but also successes which I will elucidate below.   

While I am no longer director and now the permanent FAS Deputy Regional Commissioner as well as the acting Regional Commissioner of the FAS, Pacific Rim Region, I decided to make it a point to blog something today about the substantive changes that have occurred within the R9 AAS/Contracting world and how we continue to make strides in enhancing our customers' experience, engaging new customers, empowering our teams, and having increased alignment with the FAS/GSA enterprise. 

One of the most important changes we have accomplished is to solidify our directors as permanent regional leaders.  Ms B.J. Eldien is the permanent AAS Director and we recently selected Ms. Renee Hicks as Contracting Director.  Jackie Sullo, who was the previous Contracting Director (formerly called "Acquisition Operations Division") is now the Regional Acquisition Oversight Executive and Competition Advocate. 

With our senior regional leadership firmly in place, we have manifested our philosophy of a holistic integrative team concept, particiularly between AAS and Contracting.  They are working closely together and creating syngeries, as well as providing the best acquisition solutions for our customers.  They have also folded in the important work of our CASE (Customer Accounts and Stakeholder Engagement) Division which has resulted in increased alignment and consistency.  We continue to learn from each other and I am so impressed by their commitment to our customers and their mission.  It makes me passionate of the work that AAS performs and we can see successes as well as lessons learned. Excellence is asymptotic and we will continue to "raise the bar."

In addition, we have implemented performance standards and instituted processes which will result in streamlining our acquisitions while keeping the high level of contract quality.  The directors have worked together with their branch chiefs to make these substantive changes; moreover, they drill down from our emphasis on our Regional 6Ps (performance, people, product, process, partnerships, and (Asia-Pacific) pivot). We want to assist our customers with turnkey support with the confidence in our ability to manage their requirements and provide a great customer experience. 

Region 9's mission is to be the leader in FAS offerings through an exemplary customer service experience created by highly engaged, knowledgeable and energized employees, resulting in quality outcomes for all the divisions while staying atop of the rapid pace of change by infusing talent within the organization.

I fervently believe that the foregoing has resonance with our employees as well as our customers and industry partners/vendors. 

Region 9 AAS, Contracting, and CASE are here to service our customer and provide solutions, engage industry, and promote innovation.  We work tirelessly to "solve for yes." 

Les Yamagata






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