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Reuse is recycling! Commit to Sustainability beyond Earth Month with the Help of GSA’s Green Programs!

Transfer your unneeded federally-owned personal property to other federal agencies, state and local agencies and qualified non-federal organizations through GSAXcess®, a totally web enabled system for reporting and screening/acquiring available excess property.  Furniture, motor vehicles, hardware, computers, office machines and more can be transferred through this user-friendly tool.  In FY 2012 alone, the federal government reused over 67,000 line items totaling over $1.9B, giving the property new life while stretching the taxpayer’s dollar.

And don’t forget - federal regulations mandate that agencies consider acquiring excess personal property prior to purchasing new items. GSAXcess® will allow you to easily find items you may need.

For more information on how to report your unneeded federally-owned personal property, visit the GSAXcess® web portal To get started with the disposal process, contact your Regional Area Property Officer.

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