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Requesting Industry Feedback on the Governmentwide Professional Services Category Strategic Plan


In May 2016, the federal Category Management Leadership Council (CMLC), a governing body that sets the direction of the government's category management initiative, reviewed and approved the FY 2016 governmentwide Professional Services Category Strategic Plan.


The FY 2016 plan, shared here on the Acquisition Gateway (select Non-federal Government & Public users at the log in screen), was developed by an interagency team comprised of agencies with the top 10 spend in professional services. This initial plan documents the first steps the federal Professional Services category will be taking to more effectively manage the federal government’s second largest category of spend. Our vision is that within three years, we will have developed and implemented a comprehensive management model that leverages appropriate strategies for services acquisition that:


  • Reduces the total cost of ownership for the programs and agency operations these services support

  • Increases the quality of services delivered and advance mission effectiveness

  • Improves results in targeted public policy objectives including competition, small business utilization, and sustainability


In the remaining months of FY 2016, the Professional Services Interagency Category Team will focus on these actions:


  1. Complete a comprehensive analysis of agencies’ buying patterns, including Federal Procurement Data System spend/obligations, transaction analysis, and identification of contract duplication. The goal is to understand the federal government’s professional services spend.  


  1. Improve requirements development and acquisition management through tools on the Acquisition Gateway and Professional Services Hallway so agencies can improve their individual spend activity and sharing best practices.


  1. Define and designate “best in class contracts” to position the government to improve the total cost of management for these contracts as well as competition and small business utilization.


  1. Develop a supplier relationship management strategy to reduce costs and eliminate waste, improve transparency and reduce risk, and drive innovation and small business usage.


Industry is integral to the success of category management. Through an organized and proactive supplier relationship management program we want to ensure industry’s perspective is included in our strategic planning work for FY 2017 and beyond. In beginning to build our supplier relationship strategy we need both comments on our strategic plan as well as feedback on how industry should be engaged in the professional services category going forward.


I am convinced that category management will result in a number of benefits for our industry partners including better requirements definition, reduced burden, opportunities to innovate, better data, and increased transparency. To achieve these results we need your valuable insight. Please review the professional services category strategic plan and provide your comments via the Google form posted on the Acquisition Gateway.


In addition to feedback provided through the questionnaire, over the next two months, I will be reaching out to industry associations and business partners to discuss directly industry's perspectives regarding our current plan, and recommendations for our FY 2017 strategic plan. With your valuable feedback, I’m confident that we can more collaboratively develop and implement a supplier relationship model that can improve federal acquisition practices in the professional services category.




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