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The purpose of this Request For Information (RFI) is to seek the availability and capability of business concerns that are interested in and capable of providing the commodity referred to as a "container". This item has both commercial and use for civilian Agency customers as well as supplement Department of Defense (DoD) entities for direct mission support as needed. This RFI will serve as a basis for segregation of a Special Item Number (SIN) under the current GSA MAS 81-IB and refining scope to include Industry changes and new technologies, including but not limited to the addition of NAICS code 332439--Other Metal Container Manufacturing. The current Primary SIN is 322211 -- Corrugated and Solid Fiber Box Manufacturing.

Through this effort, it is anticipated that support of customers will improve as a result of more favorable pricing, a "just-in-time" inventory, increased breadth of products, and standard ordering, packaging, documentation, consumer awareness and long term contracts to facilitate use of GSA Multiple Award Schedule 81-IB program.

This RFI is also posted on Federal Business Opportunities:  https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=be430c24f5856aee203...


Region 2 is considering using the language below to describe the SIN(s) for the purchase, and modification of shipping containers. If you would like to suggest edits to this language, please provide your suggested language as well as your reasoning for these change(s).

Proposed new SIN 617-14: Shipping containers- also known as intermodal containers, cargo/ freight containers, dry freight, ISO containers, general purpose containers, high cube or hi-cube containers. These durable steel containers may be used for one or more modes of transportation (rail, truck, boat), for the shipment of goods (food, weapons, industrial products, general supplies) or animals. Intermodal containers may be used for routine, intermittent or disaster shipping scenarios. Common dimensions are either twenty or forty feet in length by 8 feet 6 inches or 9 feet 6 inches tall. Common size configurations include bi-con, tri-con and quad-con sizes (two, three or four smaller, interlocking containers that when combined, have a similar footprint as a larger 40" shipping container.) Collapsible/ Inflatable flat pack shipping containers are also included in the scope of this SIN. Ancillary products or services related to the proper installation, operation, or maintenance of these containers may be purchased under this SIN.

Proposed updated SIN 617-11: Modification/ Repair/ Customization of Containers: These cargo containers may be modified to be different sizes. Other modifications include, but are not limited to the addition/removal of: electricity, heating/ cooling (HVAC) units/ functionality, racks/ cages, additional/ different doors, locking mechanisms, bulletproofing, security systems, refrigerated units, etc. Modifications, installations and/or repairs (services) of previously acquired shipping containers may also be purchased under this SIN. Kits/ supplies/ tools (products) for the modification/ repair/ customization of freight/ cargo containers may be purchased under this SIN.



GSA is hereby issuing this RFI to solicit feedback from the Shipping Supplies and Services industry, including vendors as well as customer agencies for market research. Interested parties are requested to submit any written questions related to this RFI directly to MAS81IB@gsa.gov no later than Friday, October 12, 2018, by 12:00 PM Eastern Standard (EST).

Interested vendors shall provide a response document based on the instructions provided below no later than Friday, October 12, 2018, by 12:00 PM EST.

RFI responses shall include the Vendor's company name, physical address, and point of contact information (e.g. email addresses, phone numbers, etc.) of designated Vendor representative and an alternate.

Please note that you are not requested to submit Capability Statements at this time.



Any document submitted that contains confidential information must be marked on the email or document header as containing confidential information, and each page upon which confidential information appears must be (water) marked as containing confidential information. The confidential information must be clearly identifiable (highlighted) to the reader wherever it appears.



By submitting a response, the vendor agrees that the Government may copy the response for purposes of facilitation of review or to respond to requests for public records. The vendor represents that such copying will not violate any copyrights in the materials submitted.


Responses should be based on the material contained in this RFI and any other relevant information the vendor believes appropriate. Responses will not be returned.



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