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Rental Equipment under 51V

For fast, flexible, cost- effective renting of equipment turn to GSA Schedule 51V SIN 515 002.  This Schedule and SIN includes rental of all commercial products, equipment and machinery covered under the Schedule 51V such as: tools; tool kits; hardware store products; paint and coating applicators and accessories; appliances; lawn and garden equipment and machinery; and woodworking/ metalworking and industrial equipment and machinery


When it comes to deciding whether to own or rent equipment there are many things to consider. One is the burden of ownership that you would not have if renting, such as:  

  • Ownership requires a capital investment to cover the direct costs of equipment;
  • Ownership also requires additional costs for a maintenance shop, maintenance staff, training, fuel, and more;
  • Renting keeps the burden of buying, maintaining and selling the equipment on the rental center;
  • National rental companies make significant annual investments in the newest, most advanced equipment on the market; and
  • Rental companies invest in maintenance staff to keep all equipment in top condition.


Renting provides flexibility to:

  • Take on a wide variety of jobs and projects that may require equipment you don't have the capital to purchase;
  • Use specialized equipment that can be obtained via renting;
  • Allow for equipment to be available when and where needed;
  • Save time and money through availability and access; and
  • Invest in maintenance staff to keep all equipment in top condition.


To read more about renting, please go to the Acquisition Gateway, Industrial Products & Services hallway and look for the "Rental Equipment under 51V" tile. 


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