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Reminder: Update USAccess Ship-To Address in Site Manager

The MSO is experiencing a high volume of returned PIV credential shipments due to UPS drivers not being able to identify the ship-to location as a business. This is due to the “Address Header” field from Site Manager not populating on the shipping label. To help ensure packages can be delivered to the right place and on time, the MSO is requesting that Site Managers update their Ship-To site addresses to include the Agency Name in the field “Address Line 2” following the example below:

  • Address Header: Site Name (e.g., GSA: USAccess)
  • Street Address Line 1: Full street address including Room/Suite Number (e.g, 1800 F Street NW, Room 1033A)
  • Street Address Line 2: Agency desired name (e.g., GSA: USAccess). This can also include a sub-agency or bureau. 
  • City: Washington
  • State: DC
  • Zip Code: 20405

The MSO is currently working on a solution to the shipping label Address Header omission. Please contact HSPD12@gsa.gov with questions about populating Site Manager Ship-to Address. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!


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