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REMINDER: MAS Catalog Migration by March 31, 2021 and Overall Catalog Compliance


REMINDER: To be in full compliance with the MAS Consolidation Mass Mod A812, all contractors must complete these two important steps by March 31, 2021:


1. Update their catalog in GSA Advantage.

2. Update their Price List (Text File).


In order to avoid removal of your catalog from GSA Advantage, your SIP or EDI catalog MUST be updated to the consolidated MAS SINs prior to March 31, 2021. Please take the steps outlined in the SIP/EDI Catalog Update Guide to ensure your catalog status or access to eTools is not disrupted.


Please remember that all catalog submissions must be approved by your CO, so plan accordingly and don’t delay.


In addition, all Schedule holders must also update their Price List (Text File) using the MAS Consolidation Price List Guide to organize their contract offerings under the new SIN structure. Ensuring this information is up to date is a contract requirement.  


Post award and throughout the life of your MAS contract, you must remain compliant with MAS catalog requirements. Below are a few reminders of required components that you must follow to keep your catalog in compliance.


1. Keep your files up to date! When uploading your final GSA Advantage!® price lists in the Schedules Input Program (SIP), use the SIP “change” button to upload only the items being added, deleted, or updated. It is more efficient and provides a significantly lower risk of inadvertently damaging your established GSA Advantage!® portfolio and/or file. 


2. Provide photos for products. The number one customer complaint about GSA Advantage! is the lack of pictures. Please make sure all photos and graphics added to your catalog accurately represent the products that you're offering. Don't use your company logos or photo of a different product or model; this does not help customers understand what you’re actually selling. 


3. Report order status for orders placed through GSA Advantage. Using the PO Portal,  EDI, or cXML, please make sure to report order status so our buyers have up to date information on when to expect their items.


For more information related to reporting order status via PO portal, please review the PO Portal Help Document. Additional EDI information can be found in the Advantage! EDI Docs link located on the Vendor Support Center page. cXML information can be downloaded from the Vendor Support Center using the cXML Advantage Package link.


For more information about MAS contract and catalog requirements, please visit the MAS Contract Requirements page on GSA.gov.


Have Questions?

The MAS PMO hosts monthly office hours for our industry partners. These webinars cover different topics each month and are your chance to ask MAS experts anything! Register here for the series.

Past session recordings are posted on GSA’s YouTube channel for your reference.

Aren’t sure if your file is already updated or having technical difficulties updating your catalog?

Please contact the Vendor Support Center Help Desk at vendor.support@gsa.gov or call 877-495-4849.

We appreciate your attention to these matters and continued partnership. 



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