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Reminder: Distribution of Unactivated PIV Credentials

The MSO is aware of a practice where associates are showing up at USAccess shared sites with personalized and unactivated PIV cards. These associates are requesting that their credentials be activated at the shared site. All personalized and unactivated PIV credentials should only be handled by authorized associates. Releasing unactivated card stock to an applicant or credential holder introduces the security risk of mishandling cards prior to activation. That risk will be assumed by the associate and your agency. 


Customers should adhere to FIPS 201-2 (section 2.9.1), OMB, OPM and DHS policies regarding virtual 1:1 biometrics matching. To comply with these policies, the MSO recommends that your agency Registrars and Activators document receipt of all unactivated cards for their records. 


The MSO is advising that agencies develop appropriate agency communications and documentation in accordance with this guidance.


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