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Release 15.6 Scheduled for June 1

As was communicated to Agency Leads in an email on April 30, USAccess Software Release 15.6 is planned for production the weekend of June 1, 2019 as agreed upon by the Customer Advisory Board (CAB) in April.

This release updates the server side of web enrollment that resolves a conflict caused by a Feb. 22 Microsoft Windows 10 update. This Windows 10 update prevented enrollments from saving on Fixed Credentialing Units (FCUs) and Mobile Credentialing Units (MCUs). Since Microsoft released this update, Registrars experiencing this issue have opened the enrollment application, opened a new browser window, and then worked in this window. This release resolves this conflict so the extra step is not required. The new path for web enrollment once Release 15.6 is pushed to production on June 1 was reviewed in today’s Registrar and Activator Refresher Training. A recording of this training will be posted to TRACKS and the GoLearn portal.

As part of this release, FCUs and MCUs that need to conduct enrollments must be updated by the time Release 15.6 moves to production the weekend of June 1. FCUs will be updated automatically and an advisory will be posted on TRACKS reminding Registrars and Activators to leave workstations powered on to receive important updates. MCUs need to upgrade using the USAccess MCU v2.1 installer that was posted on the USAccess SFTP server on April 29.

Please see the USAccess LA v5.1 MCU v2.1 Installers Release Notice that was emailed to Agency Leads on April 30 and that is posted on the Agency Lead Portal for more information.

LAInstaller v5.1.0.zip
MCUInstaller v2.1.0.zip

LA FULL Install Guide v5.1.0.pdf
LA UPGRADE Only Install Guide v5.1.0.pdf
Mobile CU FULL Install Guide v2.1.0.pdf
Mobile CU UPGRADE Only Install Guide v2.1.0.pdf

If you have any questions, please contact the MSO at GSAMSO@gsa.gov.


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