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Release 15.1 & New USAccess Scheduler Tool

Release 15.1 is scheduled to go to production this weekend, March 23-24. Please plan for the USAccess service to be unavailable from 5:30 a.m. ET on Saturday, March 23 through 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday, March 24. This release was rescheduled from the previous weekend.

This release replaces the GSA Online Scheduling System with a new scheduling tool called Assured Identity Scheduler. This is the system that Registrars, Activators and applicants use to create and manage appointments at USAccess credentialing centers, which applicants access through the “Schedule” tool on fedidcard.gov or through a separate URL. Registrars and Activators will access the new tool via the Assured Identity portal (the same portal they use for enrollments, activations, TRACKS and CIT). Applicants can continue to make appointments through fedidcard.gov, or they can use a new URL. Users who visit the old URL will see a message on the old TimeTrade page directing them to click the provided link for the new Assured Identity Scheduler. They will not be automatically redirected. All site schedules and existing appointments will be migrated to the new tool.

The new tool operates similarly as the current system, meaning Applicants can make and cancel appointments, and Registrars and Activators can log in to view and manage schedules and cancel appointments.


A few reminders for Agency Leads to share with their Registrars, Activators and Applicants:

Prior to March 25:

  1. Agency Leads should have Registrars and Activators verify that the email address in the current scheduling system is their current work address. Steps on how to verify this are available in the February and March Registrar Refresher Trainings posted on TRACKS. This email address will be used to create their account in the new Assured Identity Scheduler. On March 25, if they have issues logging on, they should contact the USAccess help desk at usaccess.helpdesk@perspecta.com.
  2. Applicants who have appointments in the existing scheduling system will receive a confirmation email this weekend that has the new URL for the scheduling system. We are sending this email so applicants can access the new system in the event they need to cancel their appointment. They will need the confirmation number in the email to cancel the appointment. (Instructions are provided in the email.)

Starting March 25:

  1. Registrars and Activators must access the Assured Identity Scheduler using their PIV card via the Assured Identity desktop icon. This Assured Identity icon is the same application they use to access Enrollment, Activation, TRACKs, and CIT.
  2. LA and MCU users should no longer use the GSA Online Scheduling System desktop icon. It will be removed at a later date (via a new LA/MCU installer). FCU users will notice the current GSA Online Scheduling System desktop icon is no longer present on their desktops.
  3. Applicants should use this URL (https://portal.usaccess.gsa.gov/scheduler) to make appointments at a USAccess credentialing center. A job aid is posted on the USAccess website (fedidcard.gov) under the Credential Appointments page.

For more information about the features of the new scheduling tool, please see the USAccess Software Release 15.1 Notice. An updated release notice, as well as Assured Identity Schedule Job Aids for Applicants and for Registrars and Activators, were posted on the Agency Lead Portal and emailed to Agency Leads on March 12.


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