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Release 15 Scheduled for this Weekend

USAccess Release 15 is scheduled for this weekend, February 16-18, after being moved from January. An updated draft release notice was posted on the Agency Lead Portal and emailed to Agency Leads on Jan. 28. The MSO was granted a short extension on its Authority to Operate (ATO) to get through the shutdown. The release contains elements that mitigate vulnerabilities, which are critical to GSA granting USAccess a new ATO.

This release is an upgrade to the Card Management System (CMS) that is used to activate and update/rekey USAccess credentials. As a result, LA, MCU, desktop rekey and FCU workstations must be updated in order to work with the new CMS once it moves to production. LA and MCU workstations that do not have the latest version of the mobile software loaded will not be able to complete activations, updates or desktop rekeys once the CMS is updated.

The LA and MCU installers and desktop rekey .msi file are posted on the USAccess SFTP server. A draft installer release notice is posted on the Agency Lead Portal with more information on the desktop rekey .msi file and the LA and MCU installers.

Personal Credential Assistant (PCA) Limitations
Most functionality of the new installer versions work in the current infrastructure, with the exception of PCA that is used by some agencies to activate credentials. If Agencies elect to update their LA and MCU machines prior to Release 15 weekend, please note they cannot use PCA to activate/update/rekey USAccess credentials, and instead should have their role holders use the Activation icon located on their desktops. Once Release 15 moves to production, PCA activations/updates/rekeys will work. PCA local print is unaffected by updating prior to Release 15.

Legacy LCS and Legacy Fixed Workstations
Updates for LCS workstations are not available. As a result, LCS workstations should no longer be able to complete activations/card updates/rekeys once Release 15 moves to production. LCS machines will still be able to complete enrollments until the MSO LCS sunset date of March 31, 2019.

Legacy fixed workstations (both enrollment and activation) will be decommissioned by the Release 15 production date, therefore, there are no updates for legacy fixed workstations. The MSO has been in discussions with Agencies who still have legacy fixed equipment in the field to coordinate migrating to the new 891 router-managed fixed credentialing units (CUs), and this transition should be complete by the Release 15 production weekend.


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