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Release 15 Issues Resolution Status Summary

The MSO and Perspecta are working on an After Action Report for Release 15 with lessons learned, allowing us to adjust processes and procedures in future releases and improve service to our customers. The MSO distributed email communication to the Agency Leads with updates regarding resolution to the ongoing issues to Agency Leads.

A workaround process for saving enrollments on MCUs was sent to the Agency Leads. Systems experiencing this issue were updated by their agencies with recent (February 22, 2019) Microsoft Windows 10 updates. If your site has an issue saving enrollments, Registrars need to open the enrollment application on the MCU, then open a new browser window. Registrars should then conduct the enrollment using the second browser window. This is also posted on TRACKS.

We recommend this workaround until a permanent fix is deployed for MCUs in the field. We are working on developing this permanent solution and will communicate a timeline for the new installers when available.

If you have a LA system and are still having issues with card readers not being recognized, please refer to the LA Full Installation Guide v5.0 under Section 4.8 TLS Registry Updates. Following these steps and making the proper TLS Registrar Update will address the card readers not being recognized, as well as the error message that states that your workstation is not verified in Site Manager.

Please remember to carefully read and follow all USAccess software instructions surrounding releases. Some of the issues that occurred with Release 15 were the result of lapses in this process. It is important to ensure that Fixed workstations are turned on during the release weekend. Please also make sure to install the correct update on equipment - for example, the LA installer for LA equipment and the MCU installer for MCU workstations - and refrain from any credentialing activities during the entire release weekend.


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