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Release 13.0.5 Rescheduled to August 18-19

Based on feedback received during our Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meeting on July 17, USAccess Software Release 13.0.5 is now scheduled for the weekend of August 18-19. The release is being pushed out to provide Agencies with more time to download and test the new LA v4.5 and MCU v1.4 installers before distributing them to the field.

Release 13.0.5 Details

This Release will include changes to the server component of the Web Enrollment application used on FCUs and MCUs. These changes will improve biometric package transmission between the credentialing workstation and the server to improve the response time for Registrars when capturing biometrics and pictures during enrollment, and when saving the enrollment record. A draft release notice is posted on the Agency Lead Portal.

New Installers

In advance of this release, new installers for MCUs (v1.4) and LA (v4.5) were posted on the USAccess SFTP server on July 23.

The MCU v1.4 installer is a mandatory update that must be applied around Release 13.0.5. It includes the client-side changes needed on MCUs to take advantage of the Web Enrollment performance improvements in the release. The MCU installer is required in order to complete enrollments once the server-side updates go into production August 18-19.

Please note that MCUs should not be updated before Release 13.0.5 as MCU v1.4 does not work in our existing credentialing infrastructure. Any MCU kits upgraded before the weekend of August 18-19 will not be able to complete enrollments. It is important to ensure that the upgrade to MCU v1.4 coincides with the weekend of the release to minimize downtime for the MCU workstation.

The LA Installer includes a Java update (v.8 update 181), and LA kits can be updated to v4.5 at any time. The LA v4.5 installer is strongly recommended in order to receive a newer version of Java and an update to ActivClient. It can be applied at Agency discretion as this v4.5 works in the current credentialing infrastructure.

Please see the LA and MCU installer release notice posted on the Agency Lead Portal for more information on these two installers.


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