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Registering with SAM.gov is FREE

Small businesses beginning to pursue federal procurement opportunities can be overwhelmed  by the process. The General Services Administration’s Office of Small Business Utilization understands that the registration process can be especially difficult.  As public servants, we work to ensure that you receive the best resources and customer care possible while helping you with all of your small business needs.


In response to a recent article by APTAC, “SAM Registration is Free; Be Careful What You Pay For,” it is important for small businesses to understand the federal procurement process to better inform their business decisions. In the article, APTAC reminds businesses that the System for Award Management (SAM) database is completely free; “Remember: There is NEVER a fee to register as a government contractor.”


Some businesses are using data mining techniques to access the public data from SAM.gov to gain potential customers through email campaigns. These emails can come in a variety of formats and cause confusion as they may mimic government websites and use government logos. The emails may also lead you to believe that your registration for SAM.gov is incomplete until you pay an additional fee. This fee, however, is for the services of an independent consulting firm not affiliated with the federal government.


While these independent consulting firms can offer guidance and clarity for your small business, organizations like OSBUs and PTACs, across the country, can assist you at no cost. These organizations are a great resource and can help you decide whether an outside consultant is necessary.


Please remember that services through the government to become a contractor are free or come at minimal cost. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Care Team which focuses on assisting in all small business needs through one-on-one counseling, virtual training, and nation-wide conferences. You can find us on www.gsa.gov/osbu!


We also invite you to connect with us on social media to stay current on trainings, news, events and national conferences for small businesses.




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